Landspítalinn við Hringbraut

Green parking ehf. is in charge of the operation of the Landspítal's car parks at Hringbraut on behalf of the Landspítal and all services to car owners in connection with their use. The signs of the paid parking spaces on the Landspítal grounds show that all parking spaces are now subject to a fee, or about 1,200 of them, and indoor payment machines have been installed in 8 places in the Landspítali buildings and the University of Iceland. For more details, see the overview of parking lots.

There is a charge for all marked parking spaces on the Landspítala lot on weekdays from 8:00 – 16:00:

  • Parking: 210 ISK per hour.

Greitt er fyrir bílastæðin við komu og ekki er þörf á að setja miða í bifreiðina til staðfestingar greiðslu. Einnig er hægt að nýta bílastæðaöpp EasyPark og Parka.

Parking is paid upon arrival and there is no need to place a ticket in the vehicle to confirm payment. You can also use the parking apps EasyPark and Parka.

A Green Parking employee is in the area every working day during the payment period and can provide assistance if needed. You can also call Green Parking's customer service.

Those who do not pay vehicle fees for renting the parking lot will have a claim sent to their local bank. The claim is sent to the owner of the car.

Payment machines

  • Barnaspítali Hringsins
  • Aðalinngangur – Kringlan
  • Kvennadeild
  • K bygging
  • Aðalinngangur – Eiríksgata
  • Geðdeild
  • H.Í. – Eirberg
  • H.Í. – Læknagarður

Non-payment fee

A claim for underpayment is based on the vehicle owner's identification number (but the occupier's, if he is registered in the vehicle register). The claim appears in the online bank/banking app within a few minutes after the fee is charged.

If the payer of the late payment fee is not the owner or occupier of the car registered on the strip, which is placed on the windshield of the car, then you can pay using the strip at the nearest bank or in an online bank.

  • Non-payment fee: 4.500 ISK

To pay by strip in online banking, follow the following instructions:
Under Payment slip (not transfers), enter the payment information, which can be found at the bottom of the strip, in the designated fields (ID number - Bank HB - Due date) and enter the owner's ID number/ of the occupier in the field for the payer's social security number. The ID number is listed at the bottom of the strip.

Notes on levy

The car owner or occupier can make a comment regarding the imposition of an underpayment fee within 14 days of the imposition of the charge on the vehicle. The vehicle number and tax number (printed on the sticker placed on the vehicle's windshield) or the location of the parking area are recorded. An electronic form will then open with all the main information about the case and the person can record their comments. By submitting such a comment, you are requesting that the late payment fee be waived. A reply will be sent by email within 14 days of receiving the comment.

Laws, regulations and more

- Traffic Act, no. 77/2019
- Regulation on traffic signs and their use, no. 289/1995
- Regulation on the issue and use of parking cards for the disabled, no. 1130/2016
- Civil Procedure Act, no. 91/1991
- Regulations with changes can be found on the website of the Transport Agency.
- With advertisement 1292/2021
- (B-tíð 18/11/21) the minister of transport LSH authorized just such collection.