Fosshótel - Baron

Green parking ehf. handles the operation of parking lots for Fosshótel Baron as well as services for car owners in connection with the use of the parking lots.

The parking lots are in two places, one on the side of Skúlagata in front of the hotel and the other one on the side of Hverfisgata behind the hotel, about 30 parking lots in total.

Markings for chargeable parking are visible with information signs.

Chargeable parking lots 24/7

  • Parking lot: 600 ISK. per hour for the first three hours. After that, 250 ISK per hour.
  • Maximum charges pr. 24 hours is: 4500 ISK.

Parking is paid in a payment machine (Kiosk) or via mobile app.

You can insert information about the vehicle into the app EasyPark, including "CameraPark", which can be checked for automatic payments to take place.

Here below are pictures of the parking lots that are located both in front of the hotel and behind the hotel, on the side of Hverfisgata.

Parking in front and behind the hotel

Non-payment fee

A non-payment fee is imposed on a car in a paid parking lot when it is shown that no payment has been made for the car or payment has been made for too short a time. Claims for non-payment of fees are based on the social security number of the car owner or occupier, if he is registered in the vehicle register. The claim appears the same day in online banking/banking app. If the fee is not paid within 14 days of assessment, the claim is sent to intermediate collection and possibly to the collection of a lawyer with the associated costs.

  • Non-payment fee: ISK 4,500.

Notes due to imposition

The car owner or occupier can make a note regarding the imposition of a non- or underpaid charge within 14 days of the imposition of the charge on the vehicle. Such a note is entered in the "Contact" column and there you select "Service". It contains basic information such as the vehicle number and the location of the parking area.

A reply will be sent by email within 14 days of the note's receipt.